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Wyoming Energy Regulations

In Wyoming, the Public Service Commission of Wyoming (Commission) is granted the general and exclusive power to regulate and supervise every public utility.  The Commission is a quasi-judicial tribunal that regulates natural gas, electric, telecommunications, water, and pipeline services.

The Commission regulates the four investor owned electric utilities that operate in Wyoming.  In addition, the Commission regulates the eighteen retail rural electric cooperatives that provide electric service within the state.

The Commission also regulates eleven natural gas utilities that provide retail gas service to Wyoming customers.  The natural gas utilities controlled by the Commission vary from relatively small companies to large multi-state gas companies.

In the field of pipeline and water, the Commission regulates eight water utilities that provide retail water service to Wyoming customers.  However, these water utilities serve only a small number of Wyoming customers.  The remaining vast majority of service in the state is provided by municipalities.

The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC) is the state agency authorized to regulate oil and gas exploration and production waste.  WOGCC was established in 1951.  The mission of the WOGCC is to promote the beneficial and environmentally responsible development of Wyoming’s oil and gas resources.  WOGCC also oversees the permitting process for oil and gas drilling in the state.

The general environmental protection regulations are administered by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  The Land Quality Division (LQD), which is the mining and reclamation authority of the DEQ, administers and enforces all statutes and regulations on land disturbances dealing with mining and reclamation within the State of Wyoming.

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