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Wisconsin Energy Regulations

In Wisconsin, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) is granted the general and exclusive power to regulate and supervise every public utility.  The Gas and Energy Division is responsible for all major aspects of the PSC’s regulation of electric utilities and natural gas utilities.

Likewise, the Division of Water, Compliance and Consumer Affairs (DWCCA) is responsible for carrying out the PSC’s regulatory authority related to water and wastewater utilities.  The PSC oversees about more than 580 drinking water utilities operating in Wisconsin.  The utilities operated by PSC include both municipal and investor-owned utilities.  But, it does not include regional water authorities, cooperatives, water trusts, and private wells.

PSC also provides funding to encourage the research, development, and installation of renewable energy projects such as wind, solar, and biomass and for alternative fuel vehicle fleets, through a variety of federal programs.  Financial assistance provided by PSC includes bonding, tax credits, grants, loans, and loan guarantees for individuals, businesses, utilities, nonprofits, local and tribal governments, and others.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) preserves, protects, manages, and maintains the natural resources of the state.  WDNR generally sets the policy for itself, and recommends regulations for approval by the State Legislature and the Governor.  Likewise, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board (NR Board) sets policy for the Department of Natural Resources, and exercises authority and responsibility in compliance with the governing statutory provisions.

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