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Utah Energy Regulations

In Utah, the Public Service Commission of Utah regulates the energy, telecommunications, gas, and water companies located in Utah.  In addition, the commission provides safe, reliable, adequate, and reasonably priced utility service.  The commission’s function includes protection of the efficient, reliable, reasonably-priced utility service for customers, and maintenance of financially healthy utility companies.  However, municipal utility companies and cable companies are not regulated by the Commission.

Further, the Utah Department of Natural Resources administers oil and gas regulation in Utah.  The department provides for the protection, conservation and wise use of Utah’s natural resources for the benefit of the citizens of the state.  The Department of Natural Resources consists of the following seven divisions:

•        Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands;

•        Division of Oil, Gas and Mining;

•        Division of State Parks and Recreation;

•        Division of Water Resources;

•        Division of Water Rights;

•        Division of Wildlife Resources; and

•        Utah Geological Survey.

Among the above mentioned divisions, the Utah Geological Survey manages the government-industry cooperative petroleum-research projects that are designed to improve recovery, development, and exploration of the nation’s oil and gas resources through use of more efficient technologies.

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) safeguards human health and quality of life by protecting and enhancing the environment.  DEQ consists of the following six divisions:

•        Division of Air Quality;

•        Division of Drinking Water;

•        Division of Environmental Response & Remediation;

•        Division of Radiation Control;

•        Division of Solid & Hazardous Waste; and

•        Division of Water Quality.

In addition, to the above mentioned departments, the Utah Division of Public Utilities promotes the public interest in utility regulation, and works to assure that all utility customers have access to safe, reliable service at reasonable prices.  The division also makes recommendations to the commission with respect to rate-making, applications, hearings and other issues affecting quality of service.  Other functions of the division include investigating consumer complaints and monitoring utility operations to ensure that operations are in compliance with Commission’s rules, regulations and orders.

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