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South Carolina Energy Regulations

In South Carolina, the Public Service Commission of South Carolina (PSC) regulates the utilities and transportation companies in a dynamic and proactive regulatory manner.  The purpose of the PSC is:

  • to ensure that the entities regulated by the PSC provide to the citizens of the state appropriate levels of customer satisfaction and quality of service;
  • to ensure that utility companies in South Carolina provide safe, reliable service at fair and reasonable rates;
  • to ensure that the regulatory process results in fair and reasonable outcomes;
  • to ensure that all regulated entity’s services to consumers comply with all legal requirements subject to the PSC’s jurisdiction;
  • to encourage innovation through the enhancement of the PSC processes;
  • to encourage the attainment of self-actualization by PSC employees by empowering these employees to carry out their responsibilities and rewarding them for their contribution to the attainment of the PSC goals;
  • to encourage efficiency, innovation, and technological growth among regulated entities;
  • to modify the organizational process of the PSC;
  • to provide an open, accessible and efficient regulatory process; and
  • to facilitate the provision of safe services at levels of quality and reliability.


Further, the South Carolina Energy Office, which is part of the South Carolina Budget and Control Board, helps citizens, businesses, and public entities to save energy and money through greater efficiency, better information, and enhanced environmental quality.  In order to ensure sustainable development practices throughout the state, the office promotes the use of renewable energies such as biomass, wind, solar, small hydropower, geothermal, and hydrogen.  The service offered by the office includes technical assistance and audits, workshops, financial assistance, free public awareness and informational materials, and project grants, loans, and rebates.  In addition, the office also provides classroom lesson plans, programs, and other resources for students from kindergarten to twelfth grade.  The US Department of Energy and the National Association of State Energy Officials has recognized these programs as one of the best and most comprehensive energy education programs in the nation.

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