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Pennsylvania Energy Regulations

In Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for activities related to the development and conservation of energy, and various sources of energy such as oil, gas, minerals, and water.  The DEP with the aid of divisions/offices under it conducts programs for the efficient use of energy within Pennsylvania.

The Office of Energy and Technology Deployment (OETD) within the DEP acts as the principal office for energy policy, energy assessment, environmental technology assessment, and promotion of the use of appropriate technology to handle environmental problems.

The OETD in conjunction with the people of Pennsylvania, different business groups within Pennsylvania, and the local government strives to reduce pollution, and save energy.  To achieve its goal, the OETD encourages the deployment and use of innovative environmental and energy technologies.  It also promotes the use of renewable energy and new technologies related to the development of renewable energy.

The DEP’s Energy & Technology Deployment team consists of:

  • Office of Energy and Technology Deployment
  • Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority
  • Small Business Ombudsman’s Office
  • Bureau of Energy Innovations and Technology Deployment
  • Energy Independence
  • Governor’s Green Government Council


The Bureau of Oil and Gas Management within the DEP is responsible for activities related to oil and gas development and conservation within the state.  It conducts oil and gas development and conservation programs to facilitate the safe exploration, development, and recovery of oil and gas reservoirs in Pennsylvania, in a manner that will protect the Commonwealth’s natural resources and the environment. The Bureau of Oil and Gas Management develops policies and programs for the regulation of oil and gas development and production in accordance with the relevant statutes.   Other activities of the Bureau of Oil and Gas Management include: supervising the oil and gas permitting and inspection programs, developing statewide regulation and standards, and conducting training programs for industry.

The Office of Water Management within the DEP conducts programs associated with the management and protection of the Commonwealth’s water resources. The office organizes and oversees the DEP’s program involving surface and groundwater quantity and quality planning, and soil and water conservation. Additionally, the office coordinates policies, procedures, and regulations related to public water supply withdrawals and quality, and sewage facilities planning.

The DEP’s Office of Mineral Resources Management is responsible for the implementation of programs and policies that regulate mineral extraction.  It also works to provide a safe and healthy work environment for miners.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission works to balance the needs of consumers and utilities.  It informs the public of available utilities, thereby giving them a chance to choose utilities.  It also ensures that safe and reliable utility services are provided to residents at reasonable rates.  Additionally, it promotes measures for developing innovative technologies and competitive markets in an environmentally sound manner.

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Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission

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