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Missouri Energy Regulations

In Missouri, the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) regulates investor-owned electric, steam, natural gas, water and sewer and telephone companies of the state.  The PSC also regulates manufacturers and retail dealers who sell new and used manufactured homes and modular units.  The PSC ensures to the Missourians safe and reliable utility services at just, reasonable, and affordable rates.

The responsibilities of the PSC are:

  • to support economic development with the help of either traditional rate of return regulation or competition;
  • to establish competition standards for maintaining and improving the quality of services provided to Missourians;
  • to provide the public with information needed for making educated utility choices; and
  • to provide an efficient regulatory process.


The PSC’s Utility Operations Division assists the PSC in meeting its statutory responsibilities by: providing technical expertise in safety; utility rates, tariffs, rules and regulations; economic analysis; engineering oversight and investigations; and construction inspections.  The division is comprised of four departments: the Telecommunications Department, Energy Department, Water and Sewer Department, and Manufactured Housing Department.  Likewise, the PSC’s Utility Services Division supports the PSC by providing expertise in the areas of utility accounting, auditing, engineering, finance, management, and natural gas procurement.

Further, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Energy (Division) protects the environment and stimulates the economy by means of energy efficiency and renewable energy resources and technologies.  The functions of the division include:

  • collecting and reporting Missouri energy data;
  • conducting energy policy research and analysis;
  • maintaining Missouri’s plan for energy emergencies;
  • imparting technical and financial assistance for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to state and local governments, school districts, and other consumers;
  • supporting market research and demonstration projects that promotes the use of clean, domestic energy resources and technologies, such as solar, biomass, alternative fuels, and wind to power Missouri’s buildings and vehicles; and
  • providing information and research on energy issues to all Missourians.


Likewise, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Geology and Land Survey administers the oil and natural gas laws and implements the state’s underground injection control program in accordance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.  Further, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ State Oil and Gas Council publishes the rules and regulations that apply to oil and gas drilling and producing operations.  The council also promotes the orderly economic development, production, and use of natural resources of oil and gas.

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