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Mississippi Energy Regulations

In Mississippi, the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA) is the lead economic and community development agency in the state.  The agency is organized into three groups, Economic Development, Asset Development, and Administration and Financial Services.  Among these, the Asset Development Group pursues innovative ways to develop unique Mississippi assets such as cultural heritage, natural resources, and small town life styles.

The MDA through its programs and activities promotes the efficient and environmentally acceptable use of energy in all sectors of the state’s economy.  The Mississippi Development Authority’s (MDA’s) Energy Division is an active partner in these efforts and is working to promote and educate the public about the latest energy resources, like alternative fuel vehicles.  The Energy Division of MDA encourages an environment that enhances the state’s access to cost competitive available energy resources and benefits economic development in Mississippi.  The MDA Energy Division offers projects and services to accelerate the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy technology.  It facilitates the acceptance of emerging and under-utilized efficiency and renewable technologies.  The Energy Development program of the MDA Energy Division seeks to enhance recruiting opportunities and promote company expansions for Mississippi business and industry through the utilization of proven and emerging energy efficiency technologies and practices.

In order to further the clean city program in Mississippi, MDA meets with stakeholders in the fuels and transportation sectors to encourage the steering of a successful coalition in the state:

Mississippi Public Service Commission

In Mississippi, the Public Service Commission regulates telecommunications, electric, gas, water and sewer utilities.  The agency’s functions are:

  • to assure that rates and charges for public utility services are just and reasonable;
  • to oversee that the public utility services rendered are reasonably adequate;
  • to ensure that any facilities constructed or acquired are required for the convenience and necessity of the public;
  • to exercise safety jurisdiction over gas pipelines and have area jurisdiction over all public utilities.


In carrying out its responsibilities, the commission answers complaints, makes investigation, and conducts both formal and informal hearings.

In Mississippi, the Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board (MSOGB) is an independent agency, which promulgates and enforces rules to regulate and promote oil and gas drilling, production, and storage.  The purpose is to protect the coequal and correlative rights of all owners of interests and promulgates and enforces rules to regulate the disposal of non hazardous oil field waste in an environmentally safe manner consistent with federal and state regulations.

Mississippi Development Authority

Mississippi Public Service Commission

Mississippi State Oil and Gas Board

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