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Kentucky Energy Regulations

In Kentucky, the Energy and Environment Cabinet (EEC) oversees the application of energy in Kentucky.  The EEC protects and preserves Kentucky’s air, land, and water resources.  There are three departments within the EEC.  They are:

  • The Department for Environmental Protection;
  • The Department for Natural Resources; and
  • The Department for Energy Development and Independence.


The Department for Energy Development and Independence’s mission is to improve the quality and security of life for all Kentuckians.  The mission is achieved by:

  • creating efficient, sustainable energy solutions and strategies;
  • protecting the environment; and
  • creating a base for strong economic growth.


The Department for Energy Development and Independence’s main energy initiatives are:

1. The Division of Efficiency and Conservation

The division provides leadership to maximize the benefits of energy efficiency and conservation through awareness, technology development, and partnerships.

2. The Division of Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution

The division was created to:

  • analyze and develop policies that will ensure the generation, transmission and distribution of adequate, affordable and clean energy within the Commonwealth;
  • understand the reliability and economic trade-offs for base load electricity generation;
  • develop policies that will ensure adequate transmission of energy resources; and
  • promote alternative and renewable sources for electricity generation.


3. The Division of Renewable Energy

The division provides leadership to maximize the benefits of renewable energy through awareness, technology development and partnerships.  Renewable energy is an environmentally responsible alternative to fossil fuels.  There are several sources of renewable energy including solar, wind, geothermal, and hydroelectric power.

In Kentucky, the Kentucky Public Service Commission is a public utilities commission and a quasi-judicial regulatory tribunal.  It regulates the intrastate rates and services of investor-owned electric, natural gas, telephone, water and sewage utilities, customer-owned electric and telephone cooperatives, water districts and associations, and certain aspects of gas pipelines in the state.

The Energy and Environment Cabinet

Kentucky Public Service Commission

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