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Kansas Energy Regulations

In Kansas, the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) is the public utilities commission of the state.  The KCC is one of the first state regulatory bodies in the U.S.  The mission of the KCC is to protect the public interest through impartial and efficient resolution of all jurisdictional issues.  It regulates the rates, service and safety of public utilities, common carriers, motor carriers. It also regulates oil and gas production by protecting correlative rights and environmental resources.

The KCC regulates the main industries of the state economy.  The KCC regulates public utilities, common carriers, motor carriers, and oil and gas producers.  The KCC ensures that natural gas, electricity, telephone, and transportation vendors provide safe, adequate, and reliable services at reasonable rates.  In its supervisory capacity, the KCC authorizes that oil and gas producers protect correlative rights and environmental resources.

Additionally, the KCC acts independently as a quasi-judicial branch of the government.  The KCC has the authority to render judgments and decisions on regulated utilities.  Its work is supported by the divisions of administration, utilities, conservation, transportation, and energy.

The State Energy Office is a division of the KCC.  The State Energy Office administers programs and connects Kansans to objective information about energy conservation, energy efficiency, and alternative energy.  It is funded through the federal State Energy Program.  The mission of the State Energy Office is to promote energy conservation and efficiency in Kansas.  It serves as a clearinghouse for information on alternative energy and other energy topics.

The State Energy Office performs the following functions:

  • administers programs;
  • promotes public education through outreach activities;
  • fosters coordination throughout government and the private sector on energy-related activities; and
  • provides objective and up-to-date information on energy-related topics, including additional state and federal programs and incentives.


The Conservation Division of the KCC regulates oil and gas operations in the state.  The division protects natural resources and correlative rights.  The division prevents waste and enforces regulation that provides guidelines for producing resources efficiently.

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