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Indiana Energy Regulations

In Indiana, the Indiana Office of Energy & Defense Development (OED) guides the state’s energy plan.  In order to attain sound energy policy, the OED efforts aim to find homegrown energy solutions for the U.S. armed forces.  To promote the use of local resources, such as clean coal and agricultural products to create energy in the form of electric generation, synthetic natural gas and alternative transportation fuels, the OED establishes partnerships on a state level.

Indiana’s Strategic Energy Plan is Hoosier Homegrown Energy.  The plan aims to:

  • trade current energy imports for future Indiana economic growth;
  • produce electricity, natural gas, and transportation fuels from clean coal and bio energy; and
  • improve energy efficiency and infrastructure.


The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) is a governing body in the state that regulates the rates and services of public utility.  The Consumer Affairs Division of the IURC aims to ensure utility and customer compliance with the IURC rules and regulations through reasonable and timely determinations.  The division monitors the quality of service provided.  Individual customers can bring a complaint before the Consumer Affairs Division regarding:

  • extension of service;
  • credit, deposits, billing, termination of service, customer rights, utility responsibilities; and
  • other complaints regarding utility service.


In Indiana, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR), a division of Oil and Gas, regulates petroleum exploration, production, site abandonment activities, underground injection control, test hole drilling, and geophysical surveying operations.

Office of Energy and Defense Development

Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

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