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Idaho Energy Regulations

In Idaho, the Office of Energy Resources is primarily responsible for energy planning, policy, and coordination in the State.  The office aims to communicate Idaho’s energy policies to stakeholders tand provide the public with the information they need to meet the state’s future energy needs.

The office primarily focuses on energy efficiency.  The efficient practices on the farm, at home, and in business and industry save energy, resources, and money.  It can reduce dependence on out-of-state or foreign sources.  The Energy Efficiency Program offers information resources to help Idaho citizens and companies to:

  • use energy wisely;
  • choose energy-efficient products;
  • cooperate on a community level in public private partnerships;
  • take advantage of new technologies and processes; and
  • incorporate efficiencies into new construction or renovations.


The state of Idaho has supplies of all known renewable energy resources available to meet future needs.  Some renewable energy comes directly or indirectly from the sun.  For example, solar, wind and biomass.  Some come from other natural processes, like, geothermal heat.  The state receives funds for energy projects from the U.S. Department of Energy.  These programs include the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant program and the State Energy Program grant program.

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission is a quasi-judicial tribunal, which regulates investor-owned or privately-owned utilities that provide gas, water, electricity, or telephone service for profit in Idaho.  The commission regulates Idaho Power, Intermountain Gas, Qwest, and United Water of Idaho.  Its responsibilities include oversight of the telecommunications industry in Idaho.

In Idaho, the Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR) ensures that water and energy are conserved, and available for the sustainability of the state’s economy and ecosystems.  The IDWR provides a variety of services for the public.  The IDWR services include:

  • water rights research;
  • historical record reproduction of water rights;
  • driller’s reports; and
  • dam safety inspections.


The IDWR is divided into two operating divisions: Water Management Division and Planning & Technical Services Division.

Idaho Office of Energy Resources

Idaho Public Utilities Commission

Idaho Department of Water Resources

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