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Delaware Energy Regulations

In Delaware, the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is the primary body concerned with the governance of public land, natural resources, and environmental regulations for the state.

The mission of the DNREC is to:

  • protect and manage the state’s vital natural resources;
  • protect public health and safety;
  • provide quality outdoor recreation; and
  • serve and educate the citizens of the First State about the wise use, conservation and enhancement of state environment.


The DNREC is composed of several Divisions.  They are:

  • Division of Air and Waste Management;
  • Division of Fish and Wildlife;
  • Division of Parks and Recreation;
  • Division of Soil and Water Conservation; and
  • Division of Water Resources.


The Delaware Energy Office (DEO), which is part of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, administers the State Energy Program.  The DEO offers rebates for the installation of certain energy efficiency home upgrades to state residents.  The Delaware Green Energy Program initiated by the Energy Office provides cash incentives to Delaware citizens for the installation of Renewable Energy Systems.

The DEO aims to:

  • increase employees’ energy awareness;
  • ensure that the audience is informed and knowledgeable about energy conservation practices; and
  • create enthusiasm about the benefits of planning and implementing energy conservation strategies in their facilities.


In Delaware, the Delaware Public Service Commission is a public utilities commission, a quasi-judicial tribunal, which regulates investor-owned public utilities in the state.  The commission regulates investor-owned public utilities.  The commission works to ensure safe, reliable, and reasonably priced cable, electric, natural gas, waste water, water and telecommunications services for Delaware consumers.  It also regulates water and waste water.  For those services that are moving toward competitive markets, the Commission makes rules to level the playing field between competing providers and resolves disputes between these providers.  The commission assists consumers to resolve disputes with their service providers.

Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Delaware Energy Office
Delaware Public Service Commission

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