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Connecticut Energy Regulations

In Connecticut, the Department of Public Utility Control is the public utilities commission that regulates investor owned, electricity, natural gas, water, and telecommunication companies in the state of Connecticut.  It is a quasi-judicial tribunal.  The department is statutorily charged with regulating to varying degrees the rates and services of Connecticut’s investor owned, electricity, natural gas, water, and telecommunication companies.  The department keeps watch over competitive utility services to promote equity among the competitors.  It also protects the customers from unfair business practices.

In Connecticut, the Office of Policy and Management (OPM), plays a central role in state government.  It provides the information and analysis used to formulate public policy for the State.  The OPM assists State agencies and municipalities in implementing policy decisions on the Governor’s behalf.  The OPM prepares the Governor’s budget proposal and implements and monitors the execution of the budget as adopted by the General Assembly.  The OPM strengthens and improves the delivery of services to the citizens of Connecticut and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of state government through integrated process and system improvements, through intra-agency and inter-agency efforts.  The OPM provides the Governor with a global overview of proposed policy initiatives, identifying the full range of financial and policy implications of proposed actions.  The OPM is the coordinator of interagency problem solving efforts.

The Energy Conservation Management Board (ECMB) is an agency working under the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control for energy conservation.  It was created to advise and assist the utility distribution companies in the development and implementation of comprehensive and cost-effective energy conservation and market transformation plans.

Department of Public Utility Control

Office of Policy and Management

Energy Conservation Management Board

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