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Arizona Energy Regulations

The Arizona Corporation Commission is the Public Utilities Commission of the State of Arizona.  Article 15 of the Arizona Constitution establishes the Arizona Corporation Commission.  The Arizona Corporation Commission has elected Commissioners.  The chief office of the commission is in Phoenix.  The fundamental function of the Arizona Corporation Commission is the regulation of public utilities.  Additionally, the Arizona Corporation Commission facilitates the incorporation of businesses and organizations; securities regulation, and railroad/pipeline safety.  The Commission primarily functions in an executive capacity.  In its legislative capacity, the commission adopts rules and regulations.  In its judicial capacity, the commission sits as a tribunal and makes decisions in contested matters.

The Arizona Corporation Commission has jurisdiction over the quality of service and rates charged by public service utilities.  By state law, public service utilities are regulated monopolies given the opportunity to earn a fair and reasonable return on their investments.

In Arizona, the Energy Office is a division of the Arizona Department of Commerce.  The Energy Office encourages energy efficiency and renewable-energy usage.  The office provides energy information and policy advice, as well as supports reduced utility costs and improved comfort for Arizona’s low-income residents.

The various programs conducted by the Energy Office include;

1. Community Energy Program (CEP).

This program helps communities develop the necessary tools to engage in local energy infrastructure planning by providing them technical assistance.

2. Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC).

It provides technical and program assistance to facilitate energy efficiency programs of all types.

3. Residential Building Science.

The Residential Building Science Program works with the building trades to adopt an integrated approach to assessing, correcting, and building residential structures based on the ‘House as a System’ framework.

4. Arizona Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

Arizona Home Performance is a training and certification program for professional contractors, weatherization auditors, and technicians located in the Southwest.

5. Energy Conservation Standards for Public Buildings.

6. State Building Efficiency Program.

The Energy Office assists state agencies to reduce energy consumption by sponsoring training for facilities’ staff, conducting walk-thru energy audits of facilities, and providing information on new energy-saving products and green building strategies.

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