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Alaska Energy Regulations

In Alaska, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) regulates utilities and pipeline carriers throughout the State of Alaska.  The RCA is an independent agency within the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development.  It was created pursuant to Alaska Stat. § 42.04.010.

The RCA is responsible for monitoring active certificates for public utilities and pipelines.  These certificates cover a wide range of activities.  The RCA is authorized to regulate public utilities by certifying qualified providers of public utility and pipeline services.  The RCA also has to ensure that the service providers give safe and adequate services and facilities at just and reasonable rates, terms, and conditions.  The regulatory power of the RCA helps to keeps rates as low as possible, it also gives the providers an opportunity to earn a fair return.

The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA), a state owned public corporation, promotes energy conservation efforts in Alaska through several programs.  It provides for the operation and maintenance of existing AEA owned projects with maximum utility control, assists in the development of safe, dependable, and efficient energy systems which are sustainable and environmentally sound, takes steps to reduce the cost of electricity for residential customers and community facilities in rural Alaska, and also responds quickly and effectively to electrical emergencies.

The Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, an independent, quasi judicial agency of Alaska regulates the drilling operations, production of oil and gas resources, and principles relating to oil and gas conservation.  It is also responsible for regulating the underground injection for waste management and enhanced recovery.

The Alaska Department of Natural Resources manages all state owned land, water and natural resources, except for fish and game.  It has eight divisions to manage its activities.  The Oil and Gas Division is responsible for leasing state lands for oil and gas exploration. The agency implements programs that encourage exploration and development activities on state and private lands. The Division of Mining, Land and Water is responsible for the administration of the Alaska Coal Mining Control and Reclamation Act.  It also implements regulations for mining on private, municipal, state and federal land.

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